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Commercial Garage Doors Securing your business while making it visually appealing

With any business setting we know there is a need for a door of some kind. Should it be in the underground parking lot or even a store front roller shutter. It might even be a security barrier or a window electric roller system.

Our company was set up to maintain and fix all of these commercial doors and we stock the parts to do so. We are familiar with overhead garage doors and have worked on Aluminum glass doors, sectional steel doors advanced sectional doors, Service doors, rolling steel doors, fire safety doors and security grilles and doors.

We know every door and how to install and fix them so you will always receive the very best service from or licensed garage door contractor technicians. Most of our doors come with a good warranty so you will not have to worry about it breaking down and they are hard wearing to stand up to outside elements and knocks against them.

Our security grills are used in many shopping centers and malls and they have a great motor that allows for fast operation. Your staff members will not have to wait minutes for the door to move up or down it will happen in seconds in a controlled manor with built in safety features.

All of our doors also have a manual override in case of a power outage so you can easily open and close the door by hand. We have a chain pulley system that allows even a small child to open the door in an emergency so you do not have to worry about the thought of lifting up a heavy steel door.

We do a great deal of work installing doors for car showrooms and fire stations and the doors we are putting in are mostly aluminum and glass garage doors. We have even been installing them in new coffee houses so on nice days the owner can open up the whole store to bring the outside to the inside.

If you also need help picking out the perfect commercial garage door then we can help, we will look at what you need and want to achieve in the space and pick out some suggestions at different price points that will suit the application you are looking for. We will take in to account your budget and the energy efficiency of the door depending on where you live with the cost of maintenance and appearance and operation. All of these factors are important to decide which door is right for you and your business.

We suggest you give us a call today and we will send out one of our commercial garage door engineers to repair or advise you on the door you need for your business. We really look forward to hearing from you and helping you out.

Our Services Detailed garage door services

  • Repair Garage Doors
  • Replace Garage Door Springs
  • Broken Garage Door Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Opener Repairs
  • Garage Door Rollers Replaced
  • Electric Motor Replacement
  • Garage Door Maintenance
  • Cracked Panel Repairs
  • Gate Repair and Install
  • Garage Door Installation


"My garage had some cracked panels after my kids had been using the door as a soccer goal. Eventually after the daily beating it was taking it got to the point where the door was more or less destroyed. I decided to buy a new door and had PBTP Garage Doors come and give me a price quote. They were really exceptional in the price quote they gave me and the job they did on replacing my garage door was done very quickly. Now the kids are banned from the driveway and are made to go to the park instead."

Connie Reyes – Los Angeles, CA

"I had a broken spring that snapped abruptly when I was going out to meet some friends. I was panicked because I had an event that I needed to get to and the door was stuck open so I had my neighbor help me out by being there for the garage door guy when he come out. I came back and my door was fixed and my neighbor said he took under an hour to fix it. Awesome service and I paid over the phone by credit card making my life easier."

Travis Baldwin – Boston, MA

"Dean came out to fix my garage door and he was a real cool guy, he took about 30 minutes and we caught up on some sports talk and he was done. Fair on price and quick to get the work done because they know what they are doing, thanks!"

Bradley Horton – Dallas, TX

"My motor had been stopping and starting for some time so I knew it was on its way out. One morning it finally gave up on me and I needed a new one. Dreading the cost I called some companies in the area and PBTP Garage Doors came back at the best price. I had them install a chamberlain Premium whisper drive that is ranked one of the best and is nice and quiet. "

Andrea Cross – Brooklyn, NY