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Garage Tips Ways to keep your garage door in perfect working order

There are some things you can do to keep your garage door in perfect working order and they are really simple and they can save you from calling us out sometimes. This little guide will give you some ideas on how to keep the maintenance up on the door.

Keeping the garage door track working well is one of the easiest things you can do to cut down on excessive noise and to keep the door from getting stuck. You will need a good product to cut through grease and one of these products you will more than likely have at home is WD-40. It solves getting rid of any stickiness inside the track and you just need a damp sponge to wipe the track down and remove anything in there that will be causing a potential trapping issue.

If you are going to lubricate certain garage door parts then you need a decent spray. You can find one in stores like home depot or Lowes or even your local hardware store. A silicon or lithium spray that are better designed for looking after metal rollers and ball bearings, hinges and stems is what you need.

Sometimes it’s good to clean the sensor; this can be easy as locating them and wiping them over to make sure they are perfectly clean. If you have knocked them by accident and they are no longer lining up then you will just need to play with them so they are facing each other again. When the sensors are aligned and see each other again they will not be blinking and you will see a solid green light in most cases. If you are having issues a little laser pointer can help you line up the beams by placing it on top of the sensor to see where the red dot is hitting the other sensor.

If the key lock for the garage door is stiff then a quick spray of WD-40 in there will provide a great way of loosening it up and making it function much better. WD-40 is the king of everything, with so many uses it really is a homeowner’s best friend and we suggest if you do not have a can of it then buy one to have on hand for them little jobs around the home.

Sometime a garage door remote will stop working so make sure to check the batteries and keep a fresh set in your car so you can swap them out if you arrive home one day and it does not open. If you need to reset the opener then you need to power down the motor by unplugging it or finding the main breaker and wait a minute and then power back up. Hit the set button and it should synch the garage door and start working again.

If you need any more hints and tips then we can help you out by just a simple phone call but for any break downs you might encounter we are here to for you and we are on call for any emergencies.

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"My garage had some cracked panels after my kids had been using the door as a soccer goal. Eventually after the daily beating it was taking it got to the point where the door was more or less destroyed. I decided to buy a new door and had PBTP Garage Doors come and give me a price quote. They were really exceptional in the price quote they gave me and the job they did on replacing my garage door was done very quickly. Now the kids are banned from the driveway and are made to go to the park instead."

Connie Reyes – Los Angeles, CA

"I had a broken spring that snapped abruptly when I was going out to meet some friends. I was panicked because I had an event that I needed to get to and the door was stuck open so I had my neighbor help me out by being there for the garage door guy when he come out. I came back and my door was fixed and my neighbor said he took under an hour to fix it. Awesome service and I paid over the phone by credit card making my life easier."

Travis Baldwin – Boston, MA

"Dean came out to fix my garage door and he was a real cool guy, he took about 30 minutes and we caught up on some sports talk and he was done. Fair on price and quick to get the work done because they know what they are doing, thanks!"

Bradley Horton – Dallas, TX

"My motor had been stopping and starting for some time so I knew it was on its way out. One morning it finally gave up on me and I needed a new one. Dreading the cost I called some companies in the area and PBTP Garage Doors came back at the best price. I had them install a chamberlain Premium whisper drive that is ranked one of the best and is nice and quiet. "

Andrea Cross – Brooklyn, NY